Nothing beats Medium Format

This past weekend I found a gem of a medium format square camera at my local film shop. Needless to say I am a huge fan of medium format film cameras, box cameras or 'Square format' cameras.  I love how they set up the frame so perfectly once you have them dialed in. But I digress ...

I used to get asked the question 'What type of camera do you use' all the time when shooting weddings or events. People would inevitably come up to you and ask you about your gear. Chalk it up to curiosity or just another budding photographer interested in making small talk, the questions always ended up with 'Do you ever shoot in film?"


I love film photography. Personally I think every photographer should learn on a film camera first before even picking up a D-SLR. (If only that happened!). I have dozens of cameras in my collection from old Brownie box cameras to the work horse of the 1970's & 1980's such as the Canon AE-1 and the Nikon FG. I love working with all of them because with film, unlike with digital photography, there is no room (or little to speak of) for error. If you shoot an entire roll of film out of focus or with the speed wrong - well then you're just fucked arent ya!? With a D-SLR it's a no brainer every time, perhaps the massive draw and shift to digital years ago. 

Back to my point, I picked up a Bronica Zenza SQ-A this past weekend for $500.  No doubt I overpaid for it (maybe not?) but I saw it and had to have it. It's not everyday you see these gems in person and are able to inspect it before buying it. I am not a fan of buying film cameras online because you never really now what you're going to get! So the Bronica was added to the collection and I've already gone thru a few rolls of 120 film! I hope to update this post shortly with a list of all my cameras and some examples of the first photos I have taken with my new SQ-A! 

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