eat cookbook & the reach of the wicked novella

This past year I have had a number of creative projects all seemingly going on at the same time. Some get finished or amount to nothing while others grow teeth and get finished.

Two of those creative endeavors in 2017 are coming to the finish line over the next couple weeks. 

eat - the cookbook

Eat Cover.jpg

It's safe to say food is a big part of my life. I don't necessarily mean eating it - but cooking it. My teenage years were spent slinging hash on a grill, making subs for impatient customers and eventually busing and waiting tables while in college. The culinary world to anyone who has ever worked within its ever changing walls knows that food in itself is something special - more importantly the desire to learn how to cook it. This cookbook explores foods I make on a regular basis, many that others may not have ever tried or are familiar with. The book is filled with great food photography and easy to follow recipes - not just lists of ingredients. Each recipe I believe is worthwhile giving a shot at in your kitchen and the book is organized in a way that is fun and engaging. Today cookbooks are not just about the recipes but about the photographs and stories behind what's on the pages. I believe 'eat' tells a number of engaging stories while providing fun recipes for new or experienced home cooks. 


The Reach of the Wicked


Over the past year I have found that writing ones first novel is quite difficult. From plot lines to proper verb usage, I had more than one uncomfortable flashback to middle school grammar class while drafting this manuscript! Alas, my first novel has been completed and is in the process of being published. After an exhaustive effort submitting my manuscript to throngs of literary agents with no success, I decided I would self publish the novel to bring it to its completion. 'Reach' follows an inept detective from southern Italy tasked with solving a series of brutal crimes that are sweeping the eternal city of Rome. He is partnered with a painfully beautiful cohort, Isabella, who happens to be the commissioners granddaughter. The pair discover that not everything is as it seems as they weave their way thru a deceptive narrative, culminating in a classic Mediterranean Noir style end. The Reach of the Wicked is available in paperback and kindle version beginning in April. 

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