I saw Vincent today

It’s not everyday you see masters of their craft. Artist’s so memorable crowds clamor anxiously together in wood laden galleries stopping at the restriction ropes with eyes wide open and mouths drooping in awe. Count me part of that collective today, both in awe and jubilation I finally managed to view the work of one of my favorite painters - Vincent Van Gogh.

Rain pounded the windows of my bedroom this morning as I looked out at another grey sky day, all but normal landscapes along the northeast corridor from October to March. I decided I needed a change of that landscape today and set out with the goal to be inspired. On my to-do list for years I make the short trek up to center city Philadelphia to visit the Barnes Foundation. I managed to get there fairly early before the crowds began to simmer, allowing myself some quiet time with The Postman - possibly my favorite painting - and admittedly the primary purpose and motivation for my visit to the museum today.

As I strolled thru the gallery rooms I couldn’t help but notice the building inspiration in myself as an artist. Both as a photographer, sometimes painter, cook & writer. Viewing the works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Degas, Monet, Gauguin & other brilliant artists of their time only fuels the creative fire in anyone that holds a breath in their body.

I plan to return to the Barnes Foundation soon. It is truly a gift to have this in my backyard. Not surprising, I also plan to paint more.

Ben ResiniComment